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“Foundation Against Thalassaemia Regd.”

“Foundation Against Thalassaemia Regd.” is a registered NGO based at Faridabad Haryana India. Foundation was set up in 1995 and was registered under societies act 1860/21 on 24 April 2001 by a group of parents & charitable members of community. Foundation received no subvention [grant] from Government over the years, Foundation had been inspired to work towards improving clinical care, enhance public awareness of Thalassaemia. This is to ensure that children born with Thalassaemia major can grow in the healthy and happy environment. Its members are engaged in various activities aimed for 'Prevention and Treatment' of a dreaded disease Thalassaemia.

We are helping Thalassaemics by providing free medicines and blood. As you know Thalassaemia is genetic incurable disease in which affected child unable to maintain normal hemoglobin level. Completely depending on the periodic blood transfusion and regular supply of medicines till the very end of their lives, the children suffering from the scourge of Thalassaemia cannot be treated with any type of diet/tonic or medicine. The only solution effected child requires blood transfusion at the interval of 15 to 20 days to survive and also requires costly medicines approximate 5 to 10 thousands per month. The treatment is too torturous and painful besides heavy expenses; patients and their parents have to suffer heavy mental tension.

Our organization Foundation Against Thalassaemia is the only one organization in Haryana, which is fighting a battle of survival for the Children suffering from the deadly disease in a bigway.

Permanent and best treatment for such children is Bone Marrow Transplantation (B.M.T.) with a matched brother / sister. In India Bone Marrow Transplantation is available at Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore Tamil Nadu. The estimated cost of B.M.T at C.M.C H Vellore is around 12 lac. In addition to this cost, medicines and timely investigation before and after B.M.T costs another 2 – 3 lac making a total budget of Rs. 14 – 15 Lac. [1 Dollar = approximate Rs.45 Indian currency]